This Summer’s Top Must See Travel Destinations

ssEvery summer, it looks like there are several new lists of must see travel destinations. The issue with this is, those destinations are often exotic, high-priced areas which can be spread out all around the globe. That may be good if you’re someone with lots of cash who’s not influenced by the sagging international market.

But if you’re one of the tens of thousands of typical consumers who are actually feeling the crisis, subsequently you need a listing of ideas for entertaining, affordable travel destinations – after all, everyone deserves a holiday! This list will show the top ten must see travel destinations all across America for summer 2009.As said by my friend at boston water damage restoration office, these holidays don’t break the bank, yet they’ve a lot of excitement to offer. Who knows, you mightn’t have to look any farther than your own proverbial back yard to have a great experience!

1.) Orlando, Florida – Yes, it is the home of Disney World. Who can resist the large ears of Mickey Mouse, seeing with Cinderella, or going on a boat ride for fishing with your fishing reel? It is not astonishing that Orlando is the top fishing destination, with its low costs and wide collection of world class amusement. Even if you’ren’t interested in going to Disney World, or perhaps you are a couple with no kids, or a single individual traveling with friends – there’s something interesting in Orlando for everyone. Cruise down to Old Town Orlando on Saturday night, take in a rock concert, tour the Daytona Speedway, or see one of the nearby shores.

2.) Atlanta, Georgia – It Is another family-friendly vacation spot, with sights including the Coca-Cola Museum (they offer free tours on specific days, and you’ll be able to get free Coke!) and Six Flags over Georgia. Go for a thrilling ride on roller coasters like the Cyclone or the Ninja. See the CNN or the Weather Channel news headquarters. Go out to eat and taste the most wonderful, though cost-effective, down home Southern food. Atlanta is renowned for being a hotbed of musicians and rappers, so go see one of the numerous local shows. Atlanta has a little something for everyone, and the costs there can not be beat.


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