Pros and cons when traveling to Fiji

The_Point_028Fiji029_1Fiji. A great place for a holiday. For tourists from all over the world. Those who are going for the first time, might be wondering what the pros and cons are when traveling to Fiji for a great holiday. Not everyone is familiar with Fiji and their customs and this can cause some problems for you and your family. With these pros and cons in mind, you will be able to have the best time in Fiji and going home with memories that are going to last forever.

Pros and great experiences of traveling to Fiji for a holiday

There are many pros and great things you can experience in Fiji. Especially, when you are going there for a holiday. The people are really friendly and you can start some great friendships that you will remember for the rest of your life.

I came to know a friend of mine visited this place recently. He was working at when i decided to met him to know more about the place. Upon my question about the food of that place he said that the food and drinks in Fiji are great and different. If you like eating new cuisines than Fiji is the place you should consider. Especially, when it comes to Kava. This is a non-alcoholic drink that is familiar and popular in Fiji. There is also the one flower that you will not find anywhere else in Fiji. And, it is going to be a great experience to see this flower in bloom.

Cons and problems that you might need to know about

There are a couple of things that you need to know about Fiji, if you don’t want to have a bad experience when you are on holiday. It doesn’t matter where you are booking your stay at, you should make sure that you are getting it all on writing. They are easily scamming people, because they are always looking for making extra money from tourists.

Scams are high in Fiji and you need to be aware of these scams in order to not become a victim. When you are riding in a taxi, you need to make sure that it is taking off as fast as possible. Otherwise, you are going to have many other people in the taxi with you, and you are the one paying for the trip. They are always trying to get with you into the taxi.


After reading all the pros and cons of having a holiday in Fiji, you might wonder if you should still visit this great country. The thing is that with every country there are a couple of problems that you can have, and Fiji isn’t any different. But, the experience that you can have in the country is much more than the couple of things you should be worried about.

There are many different things you need to know about Fiji, before you can start going there for a holiday. Fiji is a beautiful country and you can have a great experience there. These pros and cons show you what you can expect and what to look out for, when you are going to Fiji for the first time.


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